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Deliver a richer customer experience by expanding your online banking service.

The number of online banking consumers has grown to over 15 million in Canada and over 52 million in the USA. But as the rate of adoption slows, financial institutions are looking for innovative ways to improve the online banking experience and promote banking services and products.

Neuralus INSITE™ enables personal cash flow management within your online banking site.

Help consumers understand their spending. In today’s economic environment, virtually everyone is concerned about their spending. Yet few consumers know how to track their cash flow and diagnose issues before they happen.

Providing consumers with an easy to use and time saving online solution to manage their spending will not only drive meaningful financial change in their lives; it will allow you to provide insightful, relevant financial advice and solutions by understanding consumer spending.


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Neuralus INSITE™ Advantage
Intelligent Cash Flow Categorization.

Neuralus INSITE™ employs artificial intelligence techniques to recognize patterns and groupings within readily available transaction records and suggests assignment to appropriate cash flow categories. Learning and adapting to consumer interaction and corrections, the Intelligent Cash Flow Engine™ automates the task of assigning and tracking future transactions.

This greatly reduces a consumer’s investment of time and upkeep, a major roadblock in traditional budgeting applications, and allows consumers to focus on taking control of their finances.

Leverage a more meaningful customer experience

  • Create a more competitive online offering
  • Promote client loyalty and confidence
  • Encourage consumer saving and increase deposits
  • Improve collaboration between clients and your advisors
  • Increase safe lending opportunities
  • Improve quality of face-to-face meetings
  • Establish effective cross-selling and up-selling marketing campaigns

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The Neuralus INSITE™ Experience

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Your customer accesses your online banking site for cashflow management, ensuring a strong connection to your brand. Your client selects a Lifestyle Model to establish a spending bench mark.

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Neuralus INSITE™ analyzes the client’s bank and credit card transactions and suggests assignments to cash flow categories.

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Neuralus INSITE™ learns and adapts through user interaction and corrections.

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Neuralus INSITE™ automates assignments of future transactions reducing time on account upkeep.

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The client reviews and manages their financial outlook using a consolidated view of cash flow based on the lifestyle models selected earlier.

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Your institution gains a better understanding of your client’s financial situation and discretionary income. Opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling financial services and products are created, potentially increasing deposits and investments.

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Features & Benefits

Intelligent Categorization

  • Intelligent and adaptive – learns from user interaction
  • Saves time – reduces efforts on manual categorization
  • Ability to create user-defined cashflow categories

Adaptable Technology

  • Uses industry standard OFX data
  • Open architecture
  • Impartial to any platform
  • User interface supports custom branding
  • Integrate with planning tools

Automatic Spending Analysis

  • Provides visibility to discretionary spending
  • Enables decisions on budget adjustments

Seamless User Experience

  • Personal financial management support within your online banking site
  • Mobile access
  • Click of a button moves data

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If you would like to demo the Neuralus INSITE™, please contact us at info@neuralus.com or call our offices at:

Neuralus U.S.A.
San Diego California

Neuralus Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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