Consumers continue to migrate to online banking. In the United States, the number of online banking consumers has grown to over 40 million. In Canada, online banking services have been one of the fastest growing categories of household Internet use. But the rate of adoption is slowing, and banks, credit unions and brokerage companies need to look to new and innovative ways to attract new clients and drive their existing clients to more expanded online banking services.

Statistics show that incentives, particularly access to free banking products, are a significant inducement to attracting new online customers. However, many banks break their relationship with their client by sending them out of their own Web sites to access expense-side financial planning tools. Once outside your sphere of influence, the bond between your brand and your client is broken.

Neuralus can help.

Neuralus provides powerful software solutions that empower individuals and businesses. There are still many tedious and/or labour-intensive tasks in business that only a human being is able to do well. Neuralus is focused on producing software solutions that automate tasks that, until now, have resisted automation. We are currently focused on enabling banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to provide more powerful online banking services to their clients. This is important to banks because it makes them more competitive, and strengthens their relationship with their clients, promotes customer loyalty, and enables clients to save money to invest, which increases bank profitability.

Neuralus INSITE™ enables personal financial management within banking Web sites. Neuralus INSITE™ uses artificial intelligence to produce a money management tool that categorizes your client’s bank transactions into accurate and automatic budgets, providing increased collaboration between clients and their financial advisors.

Leverage your online channel by partnering with Neuralus and give your clients a more valuable and powerful user experience.

Neuralus INSITE™ enables personal financial management within banking Web sites, ensuring a strong connection between your client and your brand.